• Mechanical equipment production

    Over the years the company strictly according to ISO9001 quality system operation, production of "Ba Wei" (BW) brand fabric, chain and dyeing machinery accessories such as stable and reliable quality, complete specifications, has hundreds of specifications of products for customers to buy. The company is first-class quality, good reputation for the vast number of users to provide satisfactory service, and sincerely welcome new and old friends at home and abroad come here to guide!

  • Construction of mechanical workshop

    A workshop or factory building. "History of the Ming Dynasty eunuch, two Liang Yong": "Jiangxi Fuliang Jingdezhen mine supervisor Pan Xiangji revolt, incineration plant." "Twenty years to see the strange situation" the first 28 times: "his shop, in addition to facade, monopoly copper, iron parts, there are factories behind, with the number of craftsmen, making their own machines."."

  • Public sports equipment

    Sports equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in sports ground materials research and development, production, sales and service of integrated science and technology enterprises, R & D and production of latexi.te (force Corrientes brand) stadium acrylic coatings and waterborne silicon PU course materials, plastic runway materials etc.. To undertake professional plastic sports field (runway), tennis, basketball, football, badminton courts, volleyball courts, squash courts, and a children's playground, fitness path and other sports venues construction, sports for all types of engineering consulting, design, supply, installation, installation, maintenance and other professional station type of service.

  • Industrial steel production

    Steel is a material of shape, size, and performance made by pressure processing of ingots, billets, or steel. Most steel processing is through the pressure processing, so that the processed steel (billets, ingots, etc.) plastic deformation. According to the steel processing temperature, can be divided into cold processing and hot processing two.

  • Landmark building

    Also known as landmarks, also known as landmarks". The basic character is a landmark of people can use the most simple form and the least strokes for it to summon the memory, it can see a Lenovo to the city and even the whole country, like Sydney Opera House, Paris Eiffel Tower, Beijing Tiananmen, Tokyo Leaning Tower of Pisa, New York Statue of Liberty tower, the world famous landmark. Landmark building is a city's business cards and symbols.

  • Commercial building construction

    A building exclusively for commercial activities. Historically, Macao was underdeveloped because of its slow economic development, and most businesses were opened at the bottom of old style residential buildings. At the end of 1960s, Macao's first dedicated office for business (Office) rental commercial building, Wing Hang Bank building completed. Subsequently, Nanguang building has also been completed by Nanguang company. In 70s, Dafeng bank building was completed in 1974. Later, it was built into Tak Kee commercial building. However, at this time, Macao rental office space is still less than 4000 square meters, commercial building construction is still very few.

  • Ecological garden construction

    The ecological garden is the inheritance and development of traditional garden experience, follow the principle of ecology, the construction of multi-level structure, function, scientific communities, the establishment of a new order of human, animal and plant related, to achieve the ecological beauty, scientific beauty, cultural beauty and artistic beauty. The application of systematic engineering to the development of gardens will enable the simultaneous development of ecological, social and economic benefits, achieve a virtuous circle, and create a clean, beautiful and civilized ecological environment for mankind.

  • Indoor ecological cycle

    Beautify the landscape, improve the level of art in green environment, improve viewing value, improve social benefit, improve health cultivation function, green ecological environment provides a higher level of cultural, recreational, entertainment and the survival and development of the people for the people.

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