Jumped in 2017 "fortune" world 500

At 8 in the evening of July 20th, Fortune magazine released the world's top 500 list in 2017. Ba Wei Group to turnover of 75 billion 776 million U. S. dollars ranked eighty-sixth, ranking 5 last year, continued to rise year after year.

Insurance participation, trust, warming

In June 27th, Huarong Trust changed its registered capital and equity structure, the Great Wall life became its second largest shareholder, so far, the risk capital holdings trust increased to 7. Insiders pointed out that with the arrival of the era of big information management, financial institutions...

The financial anti-corruption fist clenched more tightly

Only the anti-corruption fist clenched tightly, continue to maintain a high pressure situation, adhere to anti-corruption no restricted area, no dead angle, the intensity diminished, the scale is not loose, and strive to build a financial anti-corruption system in tackling the problem.

Net loan platform security needs to distinguish

The risk of net loan investors are the main borrowers do not fulfill the repayment obligations, so investors in addition to platform security way to determine its guarantee ability, but also depends on the underlying borrower information, a comprehensive assessment of investment risk

The SFC has imposed administrative penalties for 2 cases

Lower price: website construction company's own development system, the general development costs will be more than 1000 yuan, even if the site construction company has developed their own website using the system, some customers personalized needs also need to develop two times

Central bank listed in Hongkong raised more than HK $7 billion 100 million

According to the China Banking Regulatory Commission Henan regulatory bureau data show that in 2016, the total assets of the Central Plains bank, total deposits, the total amount of loans and the total interest of shareholders in Henan city commercial banks ranked first.

The rate of non-performing loans of commercial banks will be stable in the short and medium term

The report pointed out that, in a variety of factors wrestling, commercial banks non-performing loan ratio will fluctuate slightly in the short term, the overall stability. Although the Fed's "shrink table" path and time is not clear, but it will still be a future period of high probability events.

The dollar is weak and the economy is stable"

Overall, compared with the beginning of the year, the current market of RMB devaluation fears have decreased significantly, if the dollar continues to remain weak, settlement residents will or will rebound, making the RMB is still upward on the dollar may fluctuate.

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